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The Canadian Biochar Initiative promotes biochar as a sustainable vehicle to sequester carbon, improve soil fertility, and enhance food security by advancing the research, development, deployment, investment and commercialization of biochar in Canada.

We are helping Canada become a world leader in all aspects of biochar including research, production processes, product and quality standards, end-product applications, and market acceptance.

Our strategy is to:
  • Facilitate research into all aspects of biochar
  • Focus on areas that sequester carbon, minimize climate change, improve soil fertility, and enhance food security
  • Ensure biochar applications are sustainable and have a carbon-negative full life-cycle
  • Expand the knowledge-base on all aspects of biochar
  • Disseminate knowledge about biochar to stakeholders via the web, newsletters, conferences, networking, and related activities
  • Encourage regional biochar associations across Canada to assist in these efforts.

Please note that as a new organization, we are in the process of updating our website, and welcome your feedback.






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Disclaimer: The Canadian Biochar Initiative is not responsible for any loss, injury or damage caused due to any research, process, manufacture, use, application or any other area relating to Biochar and any of its various names.

The Canadian Biochar Initiative